A Bystander plugin for Mocha.

A Bystander plugin to auto-run Mocha tests after file change events.
Note it only works with CoffeeScript for now, and has to be used in conjunction with by-coffeescript and by-write2js plugins.

To install by-mocha,

sudo npm install -g by-mocha

testPaths : comma separated paths for test sources


Auto-run tests in test directory with Mocha.

// .bystander config file
  "plugins" : ["by-coffeescript", "by-write2js", "by-mocha"],
  "by" : {
    "mocha" : {
      "testPaths" : ["test/*.coffee"]

testPaths will be resolved against the project root path.

mocha : successfully ran tests with mocha.
set dependency : set test dependencies for a new file.
remove dependency : removed test dependencies for a deleted file.

See the annotated source for details.

Run tests with mocha


By-Mocha is released under the MIT License. - see the LICENSE file